When I saw the picture of a Long John produced by the danish company SCO in winter 1990, it was crisp clear: I have to get one. But the price was prohibitive (at that time Mountain bikes were in their infancy  and a 4 digit price for a bike was unimaginable). DIY was the only way forward. In this situation I ran into the little book "Einfälle-statt-Abfälle" by Christian Kuhtz from Kiel, that helped me to break trough. In September `91 Long John was on the road. In daily life as well as on hollidays, several thousand kilometers were pedaled to transport water boxes, waste paper for recycling, to savely carry my guitar or bring friends to the station. Eventually I gave it to a friend, who uses it as a deliverybike for his bioshop. My "Long John" still runs today. (Did anyone say anything against 1970´s bike junk?)


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