Center hub steering makes the bike shorter and more agile than other cargobikes. Brake forces do not act on a fork but straight on the main frame.



Kids sit above the front wheel and when they lift their legs the whole box is free for cargo. The Bastiaen Cargo loads two kids and a weekend worth of groceries. Try that with another cargo bike!


You can choose between either the kids box with integrated face-to-face children seat or a small "scoop". Individual cargo solutions can be built from item profiles or you just fit a simple 40x60 Eurobox.


No. There are loads of other long cargobikes. We chose to develop something for the slot between Bullitt and Omnium.


We calculate a total weight of 200 kg including max. 40kg on the seat bech. In reality it depends very much on where the weight is located. 80 kg of cement deep down in the box are much less an issue than two six year old kids of half that weight rocking it high up front on the seat bench.



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