#24 the "dump-truck´s" little purple sister is already the 2nd Bastiaen in a Düsseldorf-based family of five.

#23 Your matte black cargo-racer (3950€)

Featuring 20" front wheel and matte-black aluminium scoop.

Now on display and free for a testride in Berlin at Velogut

#21 Lured its owner off his Bullitt.

#22 is at home in Bonn at a designer-couple. Designers like all their colours black!

#20 is another grey Bastiaen for Saarbrücken

Including 18" or 20" front wheel (as long as in stock), steering, rear light


Sven Bastiaen Schulz

Maarweg 29
D-53123 Bonn
+49 (0)228 96100479


UStID DE242681564

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