Bastiaen Cargo story.

A few days before my birth my parents visited a bike exhibition. This caused some sort of prenatal imprinting, for I always liked bikes and in 1990 started building a cargobike by hacking apart some old diamond frames and a folding bike. My father joined the project – I still don´t know if for eagerness or concern – and soon our „Long John“ ran, and it still runs today. (Did anyone say anything against 1970´s bike junk?)

Many years and two professions later we were expecting - to need another cargobike soon. As I suffer from designers disease (inability to simply buy something) the new cargobike had to be homemade, or at least of own design. When building bikes without a proper workshop, bending tubes is out of question, so I was looking for a simple „straightforward“ design. Also - to my eye – forks on cargo bikes of the Long John type always looked wrong. A fork takes up precious cargo room and transfers (brake) energy to a peculiar point of the frame with the fork acting as a lever. So, the first sketches showed a center-hub steering. As this seemed impossible to build, I quickly forgot the idea until it surfaced from subconscience at the sight of an old Italjet scooter. I ordered a front swing arm with wheel and brake from ebay for little money and found it heavy but usable. It was joined to an old Trek MTB by a single tube by a trusted framebuilder and THE SUB was born.

I was completely surprised by the reactions that followed: people on the street were cargobike enthusiastic! 25 years ago I had been practically invisible riding a cargobike and now I was asked eager questions on every red traffic light. About that time the Bullitt came on the market, followed by many others. The first SUB was followed by a second one, this time with a face-to-face childrens seat, which received appraisal particularly from mothers. „Where can I buy that?“ or „You should sell those!“ was heard so often, that I started re-designing the steering to eliminate all the heavy scooter parts, which also had become more expensive at ebay, since I had published the building instructions on

The project lingered on my computer for three years pushed aside by life´s more import matters and other cargobike projects like the D30 and THE BOX until in 2014 the SUB placed 2nd in a cargobike design competition hosted by IHK Dortmund – by chance the very city where I had build my first cargobike 25 years earlier. So, I finally had the tooling for my front wheel and the first wheels made and ordered an aluminium frame.

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