What the fork?

Ask children to draw a cargobike and there will be no fork. The kids got it right! A fork takes up precious space and transfers brake energy to the wrong place. The forkless Bastiaen Cargo is shorter, stronger and lighter than other cargobikes and it can carry more. The wishbone design, based on bionic principles and the short wheelbase offer a comfortable and agile ride. Get in touch for a testride at a dealer or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly

Face-to face with your kids.

There is so much to see and talk about. We place your children against direction of travel, face-to-face to share and talk with you. The seat bench for two children is integrated in our box. Simply open the lid and it transforms into a backrest. The lockable box will take up groceries for a weekend (or 75 l volume) and two children. Try that with other cargobikes. (To the „sporty“ dad (or mum!): yes, you can combine a low handlebar with carrying kids.)

E-bike or racer – your choice.

The simple and elegant Bastiaen frame is a canvas for your ideas, be it family bike, all-out cargo racer or business hauler. There is no limit, due the large, open space available. Bastiaen will take up a wide choice of electric motors, both hub and central drive. Even the steering characteristics can be changed as you like it.

Built to last.

Bastiaen Cargo frames are handmade in the EU from 25CrMo4 Steel. Our special front wheel is made from aluminium with advanced CNC technology and designed to be servicable. We prefer a standard BSA bottom bracket over proprietary standards, so spare parts will always be available and you are not sold out to one drive manufacturer. With its low weight and compact size the Bastiaen Cargo is a bike you will keep, when your children have outgrown it.


Bastiaen Cargo has been nominated for the  Cargo-Bike Award 2020.

  • 16% lighter than previous model,
  • unique king pin steering,
  • unsurpassed agile driving qualities

. Visit us and testride a Bastiaen Cargo on CYCLINGWORLD  21. & 22. März 2020 in Düsseldorf and



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