We will participate in the International Cargobikefestival ICBF in Nijmegen with Bastiaen Cargo and THE BOX Sunday, April 17th.

Looking forward to meeting 200 other Cargobikes, meet friends and new people.

A stone-faced Bonn citizen sends us off to Nijmegen. Don´t worry. We´ll be back.



On 14. - 20 März 2016 Bastiaen Cargo was presented on the Berlin Cycle Week both at the booth of cargobikefans berlin as well as in action at the cargo bike race on Tmepelhof airfield.

Inofficial cargobike designer´s dinner with Thomas and Sebastian after the cargobikerace.

Three years of design and construction on the side, countless variants, production alternatives, supplier contacts and we are proud to announce the Bastiaen Cargo. Since a few weeks a prototype is being road tested. Innovative ackermann steering and use of composites for the cargo area contribute to a weight of less than 19 kg.

2016 should see a small series. You may see the first road video here.




This project startet 3 years ago with two brandnew  tail ends found on a scrap heap. Couldn't one just use them for something? Next came an observation: the boxes of most cargobikes are built so heavily, that - given a proper bonding - they can replace the frame. Quite apart, building cargobikes without welding is a hip topic these days. Come a rainy sunday spent with SolidWorks, a rendering, a mail to Helge at  M. u.H. von der Linden, an enthusiastic reply and we started to build from 12 mm plywood, before we would take the more expensive, light DuFlex boards. All elements are CNC-milled and connect like a 3D puzzle without any clamps or building rigs necessary for setup. THE BOX does not demand any sophisticated manual woodwork apart from bonding and varnishing.

Driving THE BOX is a great experience, especially due the low weight of 26,5 kg, full suspension and a contrabass-like resonance of the corpus. Using DuFlex boards, better components and a few improvements in detail, we should be able to get the design below the mark of 20 kg, provided the 48 hour day and the four day weekend are finally introduced to the advance of mens strange "project" hobbies.

 Many thanks for sponsoring to Monica at Velocity.

Who doesn´t dream of turning ones hobby into a job? For me this means building cargobikes! And I was blessed to be able do so: for items booth at MOTEK, I designed two prototypes each of a cargobike and a cargotrike to act as a showcase for items D30 building system. The lightweight frames were assembled of standard D30 modules and then equipped with bike components via some special adapters.

 The classical trikes impress by their low weight (however experience shows low weight and trikes don´t go too well together...)


Sven Bastiaen Schulz

Maarweg 29
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+49 (0)228 96100479


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