Finally we have started production of ten framesets. It has been a really challenge to get here but great practical and moral support from many, many people has carried this project on. The first series differs from the breathtakingly rakish prototype in several ways to improve ride and practicality but the key features (centerhub steering, face-to-face childrens seat, short wheelbase) have not been touched .

We have introduced two transverse tubes, that serve to hold the box and that can be used to build individual Cargo areas from item D30 profiles, that fit through them. Additionally the frames feature built- in rear light, adjustable steering stops (3D printed!) and many more. Not the least: all steering components are now CNC´d to our spec.


We found it quite impossible to build the first series in 7020 aluminium for several reasons and finally decided on using laser-cut steel (CrMo and seamless precision tube) instead. The weight of the steel frame is almost exactly the same and it should be more comfortable to ride.

The same goes for the front wheel. The discs are pressed from (thinner!) steel now using the same tools, bolted and glued together and finally filled with a structural foam. This made the front wheel stronger but heavier. We are currently working on an alternative that should be much lighter.

The boxes consist of ultralightweight DuFLEX Balsa Core pannels from which the 3 parts are CNC-cut. and bonded with a high density epoxy adhesive mixture.



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