I am convinced, that the forkless cargobike has a great future:

  • Up to 50% more cargo volume
  • With same cargo volume 20% shorter and more agile than conventional cargobikes
  • At just 19 kg lighter than most other cargobikes
  • Brake energy is not transferred via the fork acting as lever
  • Off-center frame allows to tilt the cargo scoop to park the bike e.g. in a narrow
  • Integrated face-to-face childrens bench allows parents and children to visually and verbally communicate with each other
  • Children can be carried in combination with a low handlebar and sporty riding position.
  • The back-rest keeps away about 80% of rain, so a canopy is not needed.
  • Parents: the bike is so light and agile, that you will still use it when your kids have outgrown it.

There is one disadvantage, that should be mentioned: With back-rest folded up wind resistance is equivalent to the proverbial shelf unit. It is not a problem in town but can be a bit annoying on an open field in a strong headwind. In a series it could be minimized by producing a bulbous box-lid/backrest, that acts as a deflector.



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